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63% of customers

mostly interact with companies through the company's website.

48% decide if a company is credible based on their website design.

People do business with companies they trust. 

Having the ability to learn about a company through

that company's website, read testimonials, see pictures and read bios of key company personnel, as well as learn about the company's

accolades and awards, generates trust.

Customers want

answers YESTERDAY!  We

live in a world of immediate gratification - company information is no exception.  Generating business is easier for potential customers when all the pertinent information is at people's fingertips on a website rather than making them wait

for a return phone call.

89% of adults in the

United States use the

internet an average of 23.6 hours each week. They spend

an average of 5 hours each

day on their mobile

devices. 77% own

smart phone. 

Search engines account for 93% of internet users first option to find information, with an average of 3.5 searches per person on Google every day!

With 4 out of 5 customers using

search engines, can people find your business?

Even with the popularity of Facebook, having a Facebook page does not replace the need for a website.  Facebook algorithms now "prioritize content from friends, family

and groups," as well as conversational interaction, which makes businesses "work harder than ever to gain their customers’ attention

on the platform."

70% of customers prefer

to hire companies that 

have a website. 


Customers consider companies with a website

to be more



I enjoy designing and building websites. (Yup, truly, I do!

I find it a relaxing, fun way to express my creativity. 

Some people paint, others knit or crochet,  I prefer a blank screen, a color pallet, and a marketing strategy that I can bring

to life in images and words. 

I love to work with individuals and small businesses,  helping them pin point their unique identity, and communicating that digitally.  Contact me to do this for you! Find out about pricing HERE.