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A cost estimate is provided for each project with the final cost based on actual time spent at a rate of $70/hour.  Half of the estimated cost is due upfront with payments upon established milestones.  The final payment is due upon completion.  

Can a website be done in 1 hour?  Probably not.  If you are concerned about affordability, a very simple website, in which you provide the text and images, can be done in 2-3 hours.  Adding SEO (Site Engine Optimization in order to be found on search engines) will add more time.  Knowing your color scheme, and the "story" you want to convey to your viewers, will save time, as will example links of layouts you prefer. 


Don't know, don't care, or don't have any ideas about your website - no problem!  I love to work with my clients to develop and portray their special image!  I am happy to write content and find the best suited graphics for your individual style!

Let's tell your unique story.